WhiteFulness Trainings with Lazzoni Staff!

We spend most of our times to be productive during the tiresome pace of business life and sometimes we can be demotivated and lose our hope. In such cases, WhiteFulness helps us to discover ourselves again and to increase our motivation thanks to their trainings that they call ‘Wellness Workshop’ for all employees.

As Lazzoni, we have also received trainings from WhiteFulness team to assist our employees in managing their physical and emotional stress that they had during the pandemic. We have not only strengthened the feelings of loyalty and trust within the company, but we have also learned how to solve our physical problems that occur as a result of long times of desk work.

Thanks to Astrology, Detoxing Techniques and Motion Practice trainings that we received from WhiteFulness team, which follow the motto of “The only thing that adds health to people is happiness and the biggest happiness in life is to make another people happy”, we aimed to ensure that all Lazzoni staff know themselves and receive trainings while having fun in knowing themselves.

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